Future Products

At Arctic, Inc, we know how to control the weather. We refer to our technology platform as microclimate manipulation.

New Products

Products on the drawing board include:

Expanded Frostbite product line

  1. A consumer sprayer (the “Icicle”™) that works with a 20-oz CO2 cylinder commonly used for paintball and home soda fountains
  2. A two-behind or ride-on sprayer
  3. Agricultural solutions for tough and glyphosate-tolerant weeds

Cloud seeding devices and adjuvants

Bacterial adjuvants for ice nucleation

Novel technologies for agriculture

Arctic is a start-up company with big ideas and big dreams. We are seeking established companies to partner with or to license our innovations.

Send an email to info@frostkills.com or call us if you’d like to talk about how we can bring new products to market together.