Frostbite Weed Control System

Frostbite Weed Control System

The Frostbite® Weed Control System lets you control weeds the way nature does: with frost. The Frostbite sprayer converts liquid carbon dioxide into dry ice frost that you spray directly on weeds. If you’re looking for organic weed control that can tackle crabgrass, look no further!

Frostbite provides very rapid results. Susceptible weeds are visibly damaged after about 20 minutes; maximum control is obtained after two days. Frostbite controls a greater variety of weeds than any other sustainable option available today. It’s very effective for crabgrass, goosegrass, annual blue grass, dandelion, white clover, and corn speedwell. Frostbite can also handle tough weeds like Dallisgrass and wild violets. 

What do I buy?

The Frostbite sprayer sells for $599.

You’ll also need to buy or rent a carbon dioxide cylinder with a siphon tube; these are available at your local welding supply shop or compressed gas distributor. We can help you find a local source. This vendor can refill your cylinder or exchange empty cylinders for full ones.

You may also want to buy a backpack harness to make it easier to carry the cylinder. We sell a quality harness for $250.

How do I know that Frostbite works?

Frostbite has been tested by Fred Yelverton and Travis Gannon, both professors and highly respected turf grass researchers at North Carolina State University. While we haven’t tested every weed known to mankind, we have data demonstrating that Frostbite is effective for crabgrass, goosegrass, seedling white clover, annual bluegrass (poa annua), corn speedwell, and henbit; and at longer exposure times for perennial white clover, and buckhorn plantain.

Want to see the data? Look here and here. Please remember that these studies used early prototype sprayers that weren’t very efficient–the 30-60 second exposure times are now about one second!

In our field experience, we have seen Frostbite work on dandelion, Dallisgrass, and wild violets.

We’ve got great time-lapse photography of the rapid demise of many weeds on our YouTube channel, found here.


Frostbite Weed Control System

Frostbite Weed Control System

“Using frost to kill weeds just makes so much sense. We don’t have any other broad-spectrum, post-emergent weed control for organic use.” – Jeff Carlson, golf superintendent at Vineyard Golf Club, Martha’s Vineyard, MA

“We have many customers who prefer weed control without chemicals. Frostbite finally offers a solution to this growing need.”– Rodney Crownover, Crownover Green Landscaping, Wake Forest, NC

“There is no other product like Frostbite available today that can offer effective post-emergent weed control that is truly organic.”– Dr. Fred Yelverton, Prof. of Crop Science, NC State Univ. & NC Turf Council