Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I get carbon dioxide cylinders, and get them refilled?

You can purchase a cylinder through welding shops or compressed gas distributors, or you can rent a cylinder. Any town that has fountain beverages has the infrastructure for carbon dioxide distribution. Airgas and Praxair are the largest national retailers; they have store location tools on their websites. Airgas’s Find Branch function is on the home page. Praxair’s Locator is here. Be sure to ask for a cylinder with a siphon tube. Aluminum cylinders weigh less that steel ones.

How much do carbon dioxide refills cost? How many weeds can I control with one cylinder?

Most customers use a 20-lb capacity cylinder. We have seen refill prices ranging from $12-20. A 20-lb capacity cylinder will treat about 600 weeds.

Why does the cylinder have to have a siphon tube?

The siphon tube (also called a dip tube) draws liquid carbon dioxide; this is necessary to deposit a visible frost on the weeds.

Why did the cylinder stopĀ producing visible frost?

When cylinders are emptied of liquid carbon dioxide, they still contain compressed carbon dioxide gas. You’ll hear this gas escape, but when you no longer see visible frost, it’s time to switch to a full cylinder.

Does Frostbite kill the root of the weed?

Weeds treated with Frostbite do not have enough energy stored below ground to regrow. Some tough weeds, like Dallis grass and wild violets, may require two or more exposures.

Do you offer a ride-on or tow-behind model?

Right now, we don’t offer these, but we are actively seeking development partners to be able to offer wider-area sprayers. Talk to us about your needs–we have some customers who use a golf cart or similar vehicle to transport cylinders, and we can supply a longer hose for these situation.

I’m a homeowner; is Frostbite for me?

We’d love to have you as a customer if $599 for the sprayer is within your budget. We hope to introduce a lower-priced model that works with a 20-oz capacity paint ball cylinder in the future.