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Company Overview

Arctic, Inc., based in North Carolina, uses micro- and macro-climate manipulation for the benefit of agriculture and the environment.  The Company’s first product, the Frostbite Weed Control System provides an organic solution to weed control by delivering a killing frost directly to common broadleaf and grassy weeds.  This environmentally friendly method of eliminating weeds offers distinct advantages over conventional herbicides and other post-emergent weed control products.  The Frostbite System was developed with support from multiple grant sources, including the National Science Foundation and the North Carolina Board of Science and Technology.  The product is commercially available in the United States. We are seeking development partners to commercialize this technology, especially in Canada, the EU, and China. Corporate Address: Arctic, Inc. 4140 Clemmons Road, Suite 120 Clemmons, NC 27012  

Leadership Team

Gina Stewart, PhD, is co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Arctic, Inc. Gina has 10 years of technology commercialization experience as owner of Sage Technology Management and five years of experience working with compressed carbon dioxide.  She also served as Director of Operations for Micell Technologies, which developed a process for CO2 dry cleaning based on post-doctoral research with Joe DeSimone of NC State University. Gina earned a PhD in organic chemistry from the University of Texas at Austin and a BA with Honors in chemistry from UNC-Chapel Hill, where she was a National Merit Scholar, a Kodak Scholar, and a member of Phi Beta Kappa.
 Click here to email Gina. Rob Howerton is co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Arctic, Inc.  As the owner of Howerton Landscaping, Rob has 11 years of professional landscaping experience and is certified by North Carolina in weed and pest control. Rob earned a BA in recreation management from UNC-Greensboro and has completed graduate studies in special education. Rob was a special education schoolteacher for 10 years before he became an entrepreneur. Rob also co-owns Check-Up, a check recovery company. 
Click here to email Rob. Thomas Green, CPA, serves as Chief Financial Officer for Arctic, leading fiscal strategy, accounting and tax for the Company. Thomas brings 18 years of management accounting experience to Arctic. He also serves on the board of directors. Michael Batalia, PhD, CLP, serves as Chief Science Officer for Arctic and leads the intellectual property and licensing strategies for the Company. He is director of technology asset management for Wake Forest University and holds a research professor appointment in the department of chemistry. Michael earned a PhD in biochemistry from the University of Texas at Austin and a BS in chemistry from the University of Chicago. For more information click here.  

Consultants, Advisors & Researchers

Fred Yelverton, PhD, Professor at North Carolina State University, serves as a consultant and researcher for Arctic, Inc. Through this relationship, the Company has access to leading expertise and facilities for conducting trials of suitable quality for publication in peer-reviewed journals. For more information click here. Travis Gannon, PhD, recently finished his graduate studies in turf management at North Carolina State University and conducts research for Arctic. Joe DeSimone, a nationally recognized entrepreneur (Micell, Liquidia, MIT-Lemelson prize) and Professor of Chemistry at UNC-Chapel Hill, is an advisor to Arctic, Inc. Gina Stewart conducted post-doctoral studies in DeSimone’s lab and subsequently worked at his first university start-up, Micell Technologies. DeSimone and the Micell team were awarded an EPA Green Chemistry Challenge Award for Micell’s carbon dioxide dry cleaning system. For more information click here. Mick Gunter, Senior VP of Operations at Primo Water is another key advisor for Arctic, Inc. For more information click here.


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Arctic, Inc. 4140 Clemmons Road, Suite 120 Clemmons, NC 27012
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The Frostbite sprayer is now $599 or with backpack for $849! (plus shipping and handling). The Frostbite sprayer is available now for sale in the United States. You'll get cylinders of compressed carbon dioxide from a local gas supplier. They cylinders must have a siphon tube for the sprayer to work. Click here to go to our store or just fill in the form at right and tell us that you'd like to place an order. Live in NY, RI, CT, or MA? Please contact our distributor Greener Dynamics at 914-760-8960 or greenerdynamics@yahoo.com.



Greener Turf Management

A growing segment of lawn care consumers wish to significantly reduce or eliminate their use of conventional chemical herbicides in the care of their lawns. For those consumers who can’t or won’t use conventional chemicals, turf care providers must offer solutions that WORK. Whether your options are restricted by choice or regulations, Frostbite can be used to control the most problematic weeds in cool-season and most warm-season turf. We encourage the bundling of Frostbite with other greener turf-care products and practices (like using natural/hybrid fertilizers) into a Greener Turf Care package for environmentally conscientious consumers, who are often willing to pay a premium for the use of products that reduce impact on the environment. As part of an overall organic program, Frostbite provides the missing “third leg” for a truly organic lawn care regimen.



Synthetic Fertilizer


Pre-emergent herbicide

Corn Gluten Meal

Post-emergent herbicide


Conventional Turf Management

When used in conventional lawn care programs, Frostbite can be an effective specialty tool to control challenging weeds or be of use when the situation does not allow conventional weed control products to be used.  Some specific examples include: -        Treating a lawn that contains dallis grass, poa annua or wild violets -        Using on hot summer days when conventional products are off-label due to excessive heat -        When it’s raining or predicted to rain Using the Frostbite System to supplement conventional herbicides makes business sense by enhancing control of difficult weeds; reducing worker down time and need for repeat service calls; and avoiding loss of customers due to inability to control tough weeds in the summer heat.

Golf Turf Management / Parks & Recreation

The Frostbite System offers an effective solution to control poa annua in bentgrass greens.  Frostbite treatments can be applied in less time and at a lower cost compared to manual or non-selective herbicide removal methods.  Frostbite also results in a quicker recovery time for the green with less unsightly visual evidence of treatment.  

Homeowner Lawn Care

Frostbite offers many advantages for homeowners who chose to personally care for their lawns using greener methods.  Arctic will sell its professional-grade Frostbite sprayer directly to homeowners or ask your local professional landscaper about incorporating Frostbite as part of an overall lawn maintenance program.      

Turf Care Applications

Frostbite provides very rapid results. Susceptible weeds are visibly damaged after about 20 minutes; maximum control is obtained after two days. Frostbite controls a greater variety of weeds than any other organic selective option available today. The Frostbite Weed Control System has been studied extensively by Dr. Fred Yelverton, Dr. Travis Gannon and associates. Dr. Yelverton is a Professor of Crop Science at NC State University and an expert on weed management systems in turfgrasses, weed biology and ecology of turfgrass weeds, ecological and physiological effects of plant growth regulators on turfgrasses and invasive plants. Dr. Yelverton has presented his research findings titled “Efficacy of Liquid CO2 for Weed Control in Turfgrass Systems” at industry conferences. Through glasshouse and field studies, Dr. Yelverton and his colleagues determined that carbon dioxide delivery with the Frostbite System is effective in controlling many common turfgrass weeds, including the following: (common names listed, not species name). • Crabgrass • Goosegrass • Seedling White Clover • Chickweed • Annual Bluegrass • Corn Speedwell • Henbit • Perennial White Clover • Buckhorn Plantain • Dandelion Given the economic importance of crabgrass and the lack of organic solutions for crabgrass control within turf systems, Dr. Yelverton has placed a significant emphasis on Frostbite’s effectiveness to control crabgrass.

Weed Control Performance


How Does Frostbite Work?

Crabgrass treated with Frostbite

Crabgrass weed immediately after treatment with Frostbite

The Frostbite Weed Control System offers an organic solution to weed control by delivering a killing frost directly to unwanted weeds. The dry-ice frost is created on-the-spot using beverage-grade carbon dioxide, which is as natural as the bubbles in your soda. Frostbite works effectively on broadleaf and grassy weeds, with minimal damage to cool-season grasses like fescue or bentgrass. Frostbite offers advantages over conventional and other organic weed control options since the frost is not metabolized by the weed. As a result, Frostbite can be used any time and at any temperature, cool or hot, rain or shine. The carbon dioxide frost sublimes (changes directly to vapor) and thus cannot contaminate soil or water. The system also uses NO herbicides or toxins that could be harmful to workers, homeowners or pets. The Frostbite system uses “catch and release” carbon dioxide that does not increase atmospheric levels of this naturally occurring gas, so the product is truly “green”.

Backpack Sprayer

The Frostbite System is the only turf sprayer made especially for use with carbon dioxide. The sprayer is attached to a reusable 15- or 20-pound capacity cylinder of carbon dioxide. The operator typically carries the cylinder in a backpack harness to walk the yard and deliver the frost applications. Alternatively, the cylinder can be transported in a wheeled cart similar to a golf bag pull cart. The Frostbite System is designed as a spot sprayer. Planned future versions of the product will be available as a blanket sprayer.